Bulls Trade Rumors: Derrick Rose To The Nets For Joe Johnson?

By Jeremiah Tan Secobacarro | December 14, 2015 09:24 AM EST


The Chicago Bulls are undergoing an adjustment phase this year due to multiple changes this past offseason. The team hired head coach Fred Hoiberg, instilled a new offensive system and has been changing line ups as the season continues.

According to, Rose has been one of the main reasons the Bulls' offense has become stagnant. As the report stated, "So far this year, 68 players have taken at least 250 shots, and within that group, Rose ranks 66th in field goal percentage, outshooting only the decomposing Kobe Bryant and the very green Emmanuel Mudiay. But Rose is 27, a former MVP, and squarely in a time when his midrange game should be getting better, not worse."

Rose, who has been known as a ferocious finisher who attacks the rim efficiently is struggling at what he's been actually known for: driving to the basket. The report continued : "Or take the at-the-basket region - 79 players have attempted at least 100 shots within 8 feet of the rim this season, but Rose ranks dead last in efficiency in this group."

"It's alarming, and the clearest sign that Rose simply isn't close to being the player he was," the article continued. "In his MVP year of 2010-11, Rose converted 54 percent of his buckets in this same area. And before you go saying that this drop has more to do with his loss of explosiveness because of the knee injuries and less to do with that face injury, consider that last season that number was 55 percent."

With this inefficiency and shaky relationship with the front office, rumors have surfaced that Rose could be on his way out of Chicago. As per, Sports media guru Bill Simmons spoke on his podcast and said that Rose's best destination would be the Brooklyn Nets.

Based on a report by, with a win-loss record of 5-15, the Nets are looking at possible trades to help the team's struggles.

"We're going to explore options out there and look and see if there's other players if we need to make a deal to bring guys in," Nets general manager Billy Kind said.

With no draft picks in the near future, experts believe that the Nets would be willing to trade Joe Johnson's expiring contract for a chance to rebuild with the former MVP.

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