Bradley Cooper Gets Mother Approval For Girlfriend Irina Shayk, Relationship Heightens

Bradley Cooper is his mother's son through and through. The fact that he brought his mother to several of his award shows reveals just how much he appreciates her opinion on things. So it's no surprise that he got blessings from his mother on his new girlfriend Irina Shayk before the holiday season.

According to Daily Mail, "He is currently dating one of the most desirable models in the world. But Bradley Cooper's relationship with Irina Shayk hasn't stopped him from spending quality time with the number one woman in his life - his mum Gloria. Showcasing just how strong their bond is, the mother and son duo cut a coordinated display in plaid as they stepped out in New York on Thursday."

But the Oscar nominated actor and his model girlfriend might be going through some relationship issues, which might also threaten Christmas holiday plans. For one, Bradley Cooper and his girlfriend Irina Shayk did not spend Thanksgiving 2015 together. Also, they have not been talk PDA-ing in public ever since earlier November. This makes their fans question whether Christmas will be as delightful as it would have been.

According to E! Online, "Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk will not be spending the upcoming holiday together. Not to worry, though-there's no trouble in paradise! A source tells E! News exclusively the reason Irina, 29, won't be spending Thanksgiving with Bradley, 40, and his family is because she has to be in London for work."

But another source reported that "as of now, Irina and Bradley will be together for Christmas and New Year's Eve-most likely spending time with Bradley's mom out east."


Knowing that Bradley Cooper might have moved in with his girlfriend Irina Shayk in New York, their relationship must have gone through some kinks. Despite the fact that his friends called her a "gold digger", the Oscar-nominated actor is following his heart over mind.

According to Daily Mail, "Bradley Cooper's eight-month relationship with model Irina Shayk appears to be going from strength to strength. The Hollywood star, 40, was seen moving some of his belongings into his 29-year-old girlfriend's Manhattan apartment on Wednesday. The American Sniper actor went for a low-key look in a New York Yankees baseball cap and jeans."

If that wasn't the actor moving in, he is at least planning to stay in her place for a very, very long time.

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