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AOA Cream Reveal Sweet Teasers For Their Debut

By Kevin Fox | February 02, 2016 12:39 AM EST


AOA has recently announced their upcoming three-member subunit AOA Cream, which consists of members Chanmi, Yuna, and Hyejeong. 

FNC Entertainment has already released six sweet teaser images of the three members, showing them sensually staring into the camera as ice cream drips down their hands.

Yuna and Hyejeong are both sporting blonde hair, possibly to match the "cream" concept of the group, while Chanmi has her original hair color with blue streaks. 

FNC has also included an audio teaser for AOA Cream on their official website. Although the clip is only 12 seconds long, it gives viewers a quick glimpse at the subunit's style - upbeat and energetic, similar to the group's previous release, "Heart Attack." 

AOA Cream's official website also includes a schedule for the group's upcoming promotional activities. "Sweet Cream" teasers are planned for release on Feb. 2 and 3, followed up by three "Cream Flavors" teasers on Feb. 4 and "Transform Teaser" to release the next day. 

Finally, the group will unveil the music video teaser on Feb. 11 and release the AOA Cream's full, debut music video on Feb. 12.

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