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‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 39 Review: Goku’s New Technique Revealed!

By MD | April 18, 2016 09:09 PM EDT


"Dragon Ball Super" episode 39 featured the continuation of Goku and Hit's fight.

Attack of the Fanboy reported that "Dragon Ball Super" episode 39 may be the best installment of the series to date. Goku and Hit's fight "starts off explosively from the get-go."

Goku was able to attack Hit with kicks and punches. The Universe 6 fighter also powered up, destroying the ring in the process.

"I have to say, the animation in this episode is quite impressive as there are a lot of punches and kicks that are exchanged," AOTFB wrote.

"Hit has the upper hand this time as Goku is hit in the stomach. Hit tells Goku that he has improved this time skip technique. Hit gets more powerful the longer the fight goes. Hit attacks Goku once again with a combo that will make Killer Instinct fans happy."

Goku then powered up and revealed his new technique. The Super Saiyan has revived the Kaioken, as seen on "Dragon Ball Z," and combined it with his Super Saiyan Blue powers.

Apparently, he can now reach Kaioken times ten, including the power of Super Saiyan Blue. He gets surrounded by a blue and red aura.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 38 showed Hit defeating Vegeta. Hit attacked Vegeta's vital points in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 38. Unable to defend himself, the Saiyan Prince was defeated by the Universe 6 fighter with a punch in the gut.

Jaco explained that Hit has the ability to skip time for a short period. This is the reason why Vegeta had a hard time hitting him.

It was also revealed in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 38 that Monaka was not very strong at all. Whis and Beerus lied to Goku and Vegeta so that they will train very hard to become stronger.

According to Yibada, "Dragon Ball Super" episode 39 was entitled "A Fully-Developed 'Time-Skip' Counterattack?! Is It Coming?! Goku's New Technique!"

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 40 will be aired next week.

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