Jessica Opens Up About Girls' Generation Departure And Responds To Coincidental Solo Debuts With Tiffany

The details of Jessica's departure from Girls' Generation have been shrouded in rumor and mystery for over a year, but Jessica has finally broken her silence on the events in an exclusive interview with TenAsia.

After departing from the group in Oct. 2014, Jessica was no longer within the confines of SM Entertainment and spent the time for personal growth, starting her fashion line and releasing a solo album. 

According to allkpop, with an interview with TenAsia Jessica slowly opened up about her former agency. "I'm here today thanks to SM Entertainment," she begn. "I wouldn't be here without Girls' Generation.  If there were no Girls' Generation, there would be no me.  Also, Girls' Generation would not be here without the company.  It's very precious.  I have no desire to deny who I was at the time." 

Commenting on leaving the group, Jessica stated, "There was no choice but to make that decision.  Our interests were different.  We had to separate at some time; I just think that my time of departure came first." 

"We would have had to part ways sooner or later, and it just so happened that I was the first one to say farewell," Jessica added. 

As people in the industry may consider the coincidental promotion time of the former Girls' Generation member with Tiffany as "competition," Jessica responded to the discussion with support to her former groupmate.

"I heard her music and saw her MV.  It was very cool.  I thought how it expressed greatly what Tiffany wanted to do.  I hope she does well. " Jessica continued. "As for competition?  Our colors are too different.  We came out at the same time unintentionally, but our music and our individuality are different.  I think there's a fun in seeing our different charms."

Jessica also mentioned that she is cheering for Tiffany and wished her good luck on the results of her album.

[DISCLAIMER: Article has been edited with a source and better wording. We apologize for misunderstandings.]  

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