Psy 'Gentleman' Reaches 300 Million, 'YouTube All-Time Rank 26'

Psy's "Gentleman" is now number 26 on the all-time most watched list on YouTube.

On May 9, the viral music video of "Gentleman" reached 300 million YouTube hits. Released on April 13, it took less than a month-25 days to be exact-to collect 300 million clicks around the world. After breaking new records for fastest times to record 100 million and 200 million, Psy has broken yet another record in getting to the third milestone.

With the music video "Gangnam Style" sitting atop of all-time most watched list, "Gentleman" is now number 26. Among the top 30, "Gentleman" is the only video that was released this year. In addition to the two mega hits, Psy has another video placed in the top 30 all-time list with his spin-off work of "Gangnam Style" with the sexy female star, Hyun A. In total, Psy has three videos in the top 30 most watched list.

To thank the fans for their continued support, YG Entertainment posted a celebratory photo on their official blog. In it is Psy Photoshopped into a Gentlecop, a parodied Robocop.

Psy will give a lecture at Harvard University about the K-pop wave and its significance on May 9.

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