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Guillermo Del Toro's 'Pacific Rim 2' Less CGI As Requested By 'Sons Of Anarchy' Star Charlie Hunnam?

By Aurora Banks | June 15, 2016 11:16 AM EDT


Following its huge success, Guillermo del Toro is confirmed to work on "Pacific Rim 2."

But, while the first movie's success could very well be attributed to the heavy CGI of the kaiju and mech, lead male star Charlie Hunnam is reportedly looking forward to doing the sequel with fewer effects.

Hunnam reportedly agrees with some viewers who thought that the first film could have featured more of the character's development instead of relying heavily on the effects.

Charlie Hunnam admitted to EW that he feels that "Pacific Rim" did not do well in balancing the effects/character story.

"I think world creation and monster creation and all of that stuff is exciting as a secondary element of storytelling. When it becomes more important than storytelling, I get very nervous, and you sort of lose me a little bit. Although we tried very hard on Pacific Rim to marry those two elements, I do feel like ultimately it got weighed heavier on the side of a spectacle than storytelling."

And while he is very happy with the movie's result, he is hopeful that Guillermo del Toro will make room for more character development in "Pacific Rim 2."

"I hope that we are able to remedy that a little bit going into the second. Not to say I wasn't proud of the film. I really liked it, and I felt like it delivered exactly what it was supposed to. But I do feel like we could have maybe plumbed the depths of the character and the storytelling a little bit more."

While that remains to be seen until the sequel hit theaters on Aug. 14, 2017, THR reported that Legendary Entertainment is actually going to spend less on "Pacific Rim 2" as compared to the first film, thus heavy CGI materials could be less as apparent as well.

"In fact, to Hunnam's point, it's possible that the lower budget will allow del Toro to craft even more character-centric scenes in Pacific Rim 2 instead of having to live up to a giant budget by injecting more action," Collider said.

Meanwhile, Screen Rant reported that "Pacific Rim 2's" working title is actual "Maelstrom."

"Official details on 'Pacific Rim 2' are currently hard to come by, though at the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con (where he was promoting 'Crimson Peak') del Toro reaffirmed the filming start date for the 'Pacific Rim' sequel - with a story that picks up a few years after the events of the first movie and focuses more on the mythology behind the Kaiju. Global News (hat tipBMD) is reporting that 'Pacific Rim 2' will begin shooting at Pinewood Toronto Studios in November 2015, under the working title 'Maelstrom,'" the publication reported.

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