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New Music Video Releases This Week

By Staff Writer | October 07, 2016 05:07 AM EDT


Kpop has lots of new music every week. This week, there are also many new releases. One of the popular ones are SHINee's comeback song "1 of 1" and Ailee's comeback song "Home" which features the rapper goddess of Korean industry, Yoon Mi Rae.

Soompi reported that Nu'est also released a music video. The song is titled "Daybreak" and is from their latest album "Canvas". It only has two Nu'est members in it, Minhyun and JR, a duet song. The music video is beautifully made and has a melancholic vibe to it just like the song. The song is a slow RnB and Minhyun's voice is adding sweetness to it. Pledis Girlz' Kim Minkyung is in the music video as well. The three of them are just wandering around a house backyard. Minhyun and JR helped write the lyrics for this song.

Another release is MC the Max's for "You You and You." Allkpop stated that the music video is in black and white. The song has sad lyrics and it blended well with the music video as well as with Lee Soo's powerful yet smooth vocal. The song is definitely released at a perfect time as it is now autumn and more people are being sentimental. Ballads are now topping the Korean charts.

Another ballad song is released this week. Voisper also released a lyric video for their song "Heart" the song, which is a ballad one, is more on the dark side. With the boy band's voice, orchestra and guitar, the song is gloomier and more depressing. The song matched the meaning of the song which is about a guy finding the girl he loves.

Another release is High4's first sub unit, High4 20. It is a hip hop unit and their song is "HookGA". They featured Mamamoo's Hwa Sa who is also a rapper. The song is very hip hop as it is full of rap with heavy beats. Same with FNC's new boy group, SF9, with their song "Fanfare". SF9 is FNC's first dance boy group so their sharp dance moves and cool choreography is very evident in the music video.

All music video can be watch at 1theK official channel, plus more!

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