Beast Decides To Make Own Agency After Celebrating 7th Anniversary

After celebrating their seventh year anniversary, Beast has finally left Cube entertainment. Most fans are really happy that Beast has left Cube. The members have decided that they will make their own agency to continue doing their passion and promoting their songs.

Allkpop has reported that Beast's leader, Doojoon, might have hinted during their anniversary that Beast will make their own agency. According to Doojoon's instagram post, there will be part two of Beast's story and life. He also thanked the fans and his co-members for all the hard work and dedication they have put to Beast.

Beast will be the second boy group to have done this. Shinhwa, an idol boy group from the first generation has also made their own agency to support their careers. Shinhwa have been successful to the path they have chosen. The members have also released solos and group comebacks with their own agency. Beast and Beauty alike are hoping the group can achieve this level of success too.

Netizen Buzz has posted the reaction of the Korean citizens to Beast's decision. Almost everybody supported the members' decision. All of them thought Cube entertainment is not really promoting Beast that well. Also people think that beast members are all nice and have never caused scandals plus they compose and write their own songs so making their own agency is the best decision.

Now, fans of groups that are still in Cube are worried that Cube entertainment might crumble. Hyuna and BtoB are the only groups that are well-known and kinda famous in the company. CLC and the newly debuted boy group, Pentagon, are still in the rocks. Girl group CLC who debuted last year are still considered rookie as they don't have a popular song yet. Fans are hoping that Cube will get their priorities straight for the remaining groups. 

We all wish Beast a great success to theri future endevours. We also hope Cube will really get their senses together for the other groups in their company, too many talented idols to waste. 

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