[Album Review] Fans Have Definitely Missed IOI Because of “Miss Me?” Album

I am a fan of IOI and Produce 101 so I have been following these girls since the beginning. Their first album was too cutesy for me; I am hoping this one has matured even a bit.

First off, "Very Very Very" is so much better than "Dream Girls". Everything about the song is so much better than their first promoted song. As a proof, "Very Very Very" has already achieved an all kill. "Very Very Very" is produced by JYP so maybe that is one of the reasons. Second, the song is really catchy and very addictive with its repeated words. It is very bright and not in a cutesy way. Plus, Mina has a shocking rap part in it! She rapped! It was cool. I also feel like the members all had a fair share of the song. It feels like the song ended abruptly because it was all fun while listening to it.

"Wait A Minute" is really nice. I was not really expecting a song like this from them. I really love slow songs so this is really good for me. It is on the RnB side with its beat plus mellow melody. The members' voices are also sweet and very engaging. It is very chill except for Yeonjung's and Sejeong's amazing high notes. I definitely missed those two voices as they are my favourite members of the group. I love vocalists.

"Do As I Say" is more on the upbeat and cutesy side. It is still addictive and Yoojung's and Nayoung's rap parts are really good. What I like about this song is that Yeonjung did not really belt out super high notes and maintained the softness of the song. She and Sejeong still have them but not so much, just enough and also Sejoung's "oohs", I love.

"Ping Pong" is the type of song I want them to promote. It is upbeat and on the fierce side for a girl group. I feel like the fans will find it easier to sing with this song. I just like it when girl groups are not really doing forced aegyo. This song has that "Whatta Man" feel to it. It will make your head bop with it.

"Well, Maybe" is more on the soft EDM and electronic side. It is another upbeat song in the album and it has a really nice chorus. I feel like they can also promote this one. It also has a nice rap from the two rappers of IOI.

Now, this album is definitely so much better than their first one. I therefore conclude that YMC has put more effort with this album. I also think that the members like this one better than their previous one. I feel like the members do not really like cutesy stuff to so that is great. I'll give this album a 4 out of 5.

Check out the album yourself and comment your reaction.

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