2PM Makes You Feel Like A Lady With Their 'Gentlemen's Game' Album

It was such a waste when 2PM did not promote "My House" that long because that song was gold. Good thing they have promoted

"I'll Be", the title track, is more upbeat than most of the songs in the album. It also has the EDM stuff.

"Uneasy" has that old kpop sound to it. It also has that mysterious vibe to it. It shows 2pm's mature sound and feel. I really like this one.

"Giv u Class." Aside from the weird title (spelling and punctuation), the song is really really good. Another mature sounding song from 2pm. This is the type of song where you listen while doing body waves.

"Make Love" is a song with a jazzy sound to it. It is the type of song you listen to hotel's lounge or at cruise ships. It is a really nice slow song. It is soft and calm but not boring. However, Taecyeon's rap-talk part was unnecessary.

"Without Trying" The song is really sexy. It has a nice jazzy and RnB feel to it. The type of song you want to listen to when you are alone with your loved ones. I know Taec doesn't really sing but I want him to try, same with Nichkhun. They somehow, for me, always ruin the song with their song-song rap style.

"Never "is your typical pop RnB idol song. I love this type of songs. It is slow, calm and very sexy.

"Humming" is probably the weakest song in the album. It is still a nice song but not like the other songs in the album. It is another feel good song as it is very light.

"How is it?" also has the EDM stuff in it. It is another upbeat song in the album. The chorus has a different sound from the verses. I love Taecyeon but I hate his "rap" style. This is another weak song for me.

It is good that "Perfume" is another jazzy song. I was already feelingthe album with all of the songs like this. However, Taec's at it again with his "rap". I wish, if ever they will release another album before enlistment, is that they make Taec sing. Wonder Girls did it with Yubin, Why can't Taecyeon do it?

"My Last" is another sexy and slow song from the album. It is a nice RnB song with a really nice beat to it. The members' voice, especially Wooyoung, fits the song so much. Also, Jun K.'s voice is so good. I asm not even bothered that much with Taecyeo's "rap".

"Can't Stop Feeling" is another song that will make you feel good. I love the instrumentals in it, especially the base after the first chorus.

After waiting for more than a year 2PM did not disappoint! Actually, whole JYP Entertainment, all of their idol groups, solos and whoever else, did not disappoint with their releases. I also love that JYP is letting his idols do their own thing.

Listen to the album if you haven't yet!

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