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Blackpink’s Lisa and Jennie are in fans’ area again after YG Entertainment released their teaser photos for 'Playing With Fire'

By Jaswin Singh | October 25, 2016 02:00 AM EDT


YG Entertainment has released two teaser photos ahead of Blackpink's comeback. YG Entertainment released Jennie and Lisa's teaser pictures with the hash tags #BLACKPINK #SQUARETWO #불장난 #PLAYINGWITHFIRE #D7 #20161101 #0AM #NEWRELEASE #YG.

The teaser pictures feature a close up shot of the two members. Jennie, who looks like she's inside a car, is looking straight into the camera and her hand is holding out of the car window. Lisa, who's also inside the car, is looking down while playing with her hair. They both look sad but very solemn and beautiful. It seems like nothing has changed with the members' style or looks drastically.

No information about the concept yet or what the song would be like. This is the first teaser that YG has released ever since the tweet from Yang Hyung Suk. He himself announced that Blackpink is the next group to have a comeback from YG Entertainment. The only thing that the fans know is that Blackpink will release a song on the first of November.

YG has announced before that Blackpink will follow up "Whistle" and "Boombayah" with another two title tracks. It is obvious that YG Entertainment will release a song for Blackpink's comeback and that one song is "불장난"or "Playing With Fire" in English. YG Entertainment will definitely release another teaser pictures tomorrow, it will be of Rose and Jisoo's.

Fans are hoping that this time, Blackpink will release a ballad. Blackpink's debut songs displayed a very distinct YG style. It was composed by Teddy so it was very cool and upbeat. Since they have shown that side of them, the fans want to see something different this time. The fans are also waiting for Blackpink's "Weekly Idol" preview since YG has announced that they will be guesting in the idol variety show.

Are you excited for Blackpink's comeback? Are you ready to see theme perform again?

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