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Which 'Love in the Moonlight' character is Kim Yoo Jung's ideal type? It's not who everyone think it is

By Carlo Rodriguez | October 27, 2016 09:01 PM EDT


After the success of the hit TV show "Love in the Moonlight," dating rumors about the two lead actors can't seem to die down. No one can't really blame the fans though. After watching such a spectacular show, it would definitely be hard for fans not to see their favorite stars get together in real life. While these rumors are still just rumors now, who is to say that they won't actually happen in the future, right? It also doesn't help that the two have natural chemistry together.

Love in the Moonlight's lead actress Kim Yoo Jung had recently done an interview with StarNews and according to Allkpop, the young actress revealed which character in the series is her ideal type of guy and fans must prepare themselves because it may not be who they think it is. She was asked who among Crown Prince Lee Young (Park Bo Gum's character) and Kim Yoon Sung (Jin Young) is her ideal guy. Both characters were in love with Yoo Jung's character in the series but unfortunately, Yoo Jung herself isn't all that enamored. Sorry Prince Lee Young fans but actress Kim Yoo Jung has someone else in mind.

"I like Kim Byung Yeon." The actress answered. 

Well, the actress can't really be blamed for liking Byung Yeon. Portrayed by Kwak Dong Yeon, Byung Yeon is definitely the type that most girls would fall for. He certainly isn't a prince, which is a great plus, but Byung Yeon has a few characteristics that girls like. He is the silent mysterious type who doesn't reveal much of his feelings but still he has his tender moments.

"I like guys who appear passive on the outside but really affectionate when it comes to his loved one. A guy who you think doesn't care but actually has a good heart." Kim Yoo Jung explained.

But don't worry Team Lee Young, because Kim Yoo Jung also weighed in some of the things she likes about the prince.

"Both characters have their own strengths and weaknesses. I don't think I would like someone who keeps his feelings a secret from me because that would frustrate most girls. I like Ra Ohn (Yoo Jung's character) and Lee Young's relationship because they are open with one another and can be happy and sad together."

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