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SM Entertaiment Finally Releases Red Velvet Own Variety Show 'A Picnic On Sunny Afternoon'

By Staff Writer | October 31, 2016 07:04 AM EDT


The time has finally come! Red Velvet might have now their own variety show titled, "A Picnic On Sunny Afternoon". SM Entertainment released a video teaser for the said variety show.

After two years into debut, SM Entertainments latest girl group, Red Velvet, might have their own variety show. SM Entertainment uploaded on their YouTube account the official trailer for "A Picnic On Sunny Afternoon". Contrary to the title, their first episode happens to be on a rainy day. The members have their umbrellas with them as they stand in front of the camera.

The members were asking as to what they were doing there. Wendy as their special MC will host the whole thing. The four remaining members are teamed up, the unnie line, Seulgi and Irene versus the maknae line, Joy and Yeri. They will be having a picnic like what the tile suggests its just that it is not sunny, not even the slightest.

The members look very happy and energized as they will embark on their journey. Not much has been said about the variety show. However, they did a short V Live with the same title and it was streamed on Periscope. Some fans are thinking that SM Entertainment might just upload that show.

Fans are just as happy, might even be happier, as the Red Velvet members. Most of the comment on YouTube are celebrating Red Velvet's first variety show. Fans have been demanding to SM Entertainment to give the five girls their own variety show. Red Velvet has been guests on many different variety shows and did many V Lives but never had their own variety show. This is their very first after two years into debut.

Fans are hoping that there is more than what they showed on Periscope and V Live last month. Fans need to wait as to what it will be.

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