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Taeyeon wants to be over her lover on '11:11' MV

By Jaswin Singh | November 01, 2016 09:59 PM EDT


SM Entertainment has released Girl's Generation Taeyeon's solo digital single "11:11" music video last night, 11 PM, Korean time. Taeyeon's new song is totally different from her last release, "Why" which is a dance track.

SM Entertainment's official Youtube account features Taeyeon's solo digital single "11:11". The music video, first shared by Soompi, is as calming as Taeyeon's soothing voice. The music video is about Taeyeon trying to get over her boyfriend by forgetting him and everything they did together.

It started with Taeyeon and her lover fighting and arguing. Then, a flashback of Taeyeon's memories when she and her lover used to be happy appeared. Then, another scene where Taeyeon and her boyfriend are fighting appeared then another happy memory. After that, the guy ultimately left her for good. Then, Taeyeon is seen alone in her house and lying on the bed. She also walks alone on the beach.

After those, she woke up alone on her bed then went to the kitchen where her boyfriend is already eating. She then trashed her side of the table and then the boyfriend vanished. She then is going backwards towards the beach.

The music video is perfect for the song as the song is about wanting to forget someone's lover. Taeyeon conveys the message of the song really well with her sad but very calming voice. The guitar accompaniment also added to the comforting and gloomy effect of the song. The song is more of a "I am over you" type of song than crying about being left by someone you love.

The song and the music video are also perfect for the weather. Taeyeon looks super beautiful in the music video with her hair and bangs. Fans really like her new song, and they are hoping she would perform it live someday.

Watch Taeyeon's new song "11:11"!

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