Drama 'The K2’ Episodes 11 & 12 display a sly political intrigue

Yoo-Jin and Park Gwan-Soo played a great political game in “The K2” Episodes 11 and 12. Yoo-Jin utilized her sly tactic to successfully discard one political advantage from secretary Park.

In the previous episodes, Yoo-Jin deployed her bodyguard to assasinate the ruling party leader, representative Park Gwan-Soo including Je-Ha, but she secretly tried to kill Je-Ha. “The K2” Episode 11 began with an assasination attempt against Park.

After a shootout between Park’s bodyguard and the hitmen sent by Yoo-Jin, Je-Ha and his team leader followed the party leader to his house. Je-Ha is the only one who stayed alive. However as he stood face to face with Park, he could not take the shot to kill him.

Park knew he had the upper hand and negotiated with Yoo-Jin who asked for her husband to be accepted into the Democratic Party which he leads. Representative Park agreed to Yoo-Jin request.

“The K2” episode 12 began with the acceptance of Jang Se-Joon, Anna’s father in the ruling party as the deal between representative Park and Se-Joon’s wife. However, Park still sought the advantage to bring down Yoo-Jin and Se-Joon.

His opportunity came when Yoo-Jin’s brother Choi Sung-Won who had already fed up with his sister’s evil behavior tried to expose her. Sung-Won tried to regain Anna’s memory of his mother, the famous actress Uhm Hye-Rin. Anna began to remember and it is possible that Yoo-Jin was her mother’s murderer.

Meanwhile to avoid police investigation, Se-Joon was fainted and brought to the hospital. Se-Joon asked his wife to come to police station together for investigation which amused representative Park. Suddenly, in front of the police station, Se-Joon announced that Anna, the daughter of actress Uhm Hye-Rin is his husband’s biological daughter.

“The K2” will continue with episodes 13 and 14 this Friday and Saturday, Nov. 4-5 on tvN at 8:00 p.m. KST (GMT+9).

Watch the closing scene of “The K2” episode 12 as Yoo-Jin admitted that Anna is his husband’s daughter below:

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