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DSP Media: What Are They Going To Do Now?

By Jaswin Singh | November 09, 2016 03:34 AM EST


The once top entertainment company, DSP Media, is now in the rocks because of how they poorly treated their artists. They had Sech Kies (now in YG Entertainment after reuniting) FinK.L. and SS501 who were top groups during their time. They also had Kara who was rivals with Wonder Girls and Girl's Generation. Now, they only have one know group and that is April.

April, the fresh girl group who debuted in 2015 with six members but became five after So Min left and now only 4 after Hyun Joo left. They now only have Chaewon, Naeun, Yena, and Jinsol and according to rumors, DSP Media will add another member to the group. When it comes to their reserves, they have Young Ji, former Kara member, Chae Kyung and  Si Yoon who joined MNET's famous "Produce 101". However, it is highly impossible that DSP will add Young Ji as she was also an addition to Kara after the survival program "Kara Project".

She was with Chae Kyung, Si Yoon and former April leader So Min during that MNET show. Since So Min has been part of April already, she is also out. The two remaining have a higher chances of being put in April especially Chae Kyung since she has garnered more fame. She also has been filling up Hyun Joo's place since May when DSP announced that Hyun Joo will be resting because of some health issues. Hyun Joo left April because, according to DSP Media, she wants to focus on acting and does not want to continue the path of being an idol.

For me, April members are too young for Chae Kyung or Si Yoon and though they do fit the innocent concept, it is still not good. DSP Media should just debut Chae Kyung and Si Yoon in a completely different girl group with Young Ji and So Min. They could continue with what Kara has left off. They could give them songs that have a "girl crush" appeal because the four have definitely many female fans especially So Min when she was in "Kara Project".

Meanwhile, after the disbandment of Kara, Rainbow has also disbanded after seven years. Rainbow had a really high potential especially back in 2009-2010 when they released "A" and "To Me". However, DSP Media sent them to Japan and left them to rot. Rainbow did come back; however, it was too late. There are many other girl groups who were debuting and they did not have a chance.

I really wonder what their next move will be. What do you think they should do?

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