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KARD + Other DSP Media Artists Accounts Were Hacked

Headlines 09.20.17 | 05:47PM EDT

KARD + Other DSP Media Artists Accounts Were Hacked

Youngji talked about her future career plan in an interview with Internationl bnt.

Youngji Talked About Her Career Plan In An Interview With International bnt

Interviews 05.16.17 | 01:08PM EDT

Youngji just had a photo shoot for International bnt. In an interview, she talked about her career plan.

Chaekyung of April

Chaekyung of 'April' Has Already Debuted in 3 Other Girl Groups Before!

Buzz 04.13.17 | 08:30PM EDT

Before becoming the 5th member of DSP Media's 'April,' Chaekyung has already debuted in 3 other girl groups.


Jaekyung Posed as Model For 'Bobbi Brown' With Her Gorgeous Smile

Trending News 03.08.17 | 07:06AM EST

Jaekyung has recently been chosen as a model for Bobbi Brown's brand new "Art Stick Liquid Lip" and she showed off the product with her gorgeous smile.


KARD's Pre-Debut ‘Oh NaNa’ Hit 10 Million Views!

Trending News 03.06.17 | 07:31AM EST

KARD’s "Oh NaNa" has now hit 10 million views!

[Album Review] April ‘Prelude’

[Album Review] April ‘Prelude’

Reviews 01.31.17 | 08:34AM EST

An album review of April's latest mini album "Prelude".

Ji-Sook (center) with members of APRIL, the new girl group from DSP Media, on Jan. 4.

Former Members Of Rainbow Are Doing Well After Disbandment, Says Ji-Sook

Hot Issues 01.05.17 | 05:34PM EST

Main singer of Rainbow Ji-Sook said that former members of Rainbow are still doing well after the group was disbanded.


Here's What You Need to Know about K.A.R.D: K-Pop's Next Biggest Thing

Features 01.02.17 | 11:38PM EST

A simple introduction to the newest k-pop group, K.A.R.D

April Releases 'Prelude' Album Teaser

April Releases MV Teaser For ‘April Story’ Plus ‘PreLude’ Album Teaser

Headlines 01.02.17 | 12:30PM EST

April has released a music video teaser for thier title track "April Story". April has also previously released thier "PreLude" album teaser.

K.A.R.D. Continues To Wow Fans With Dance Covers

K.A.R.D. Continues To Wow Fans With Dance Covers

Hot Issues 12.18.16 | 10:16PM EST

K.A.R.D. has continued wowing fans with their solo dance covers. DSP Media is catering K.A.R.D. fans requests by posting and uploading dance covers of all the memberts.

K.A.R.D’s Debut Song 'Oh Nana' Is Not Fit For KBS Broadcast

K.A.R.D’s Debut Song 'Oh Nana' Is Not Fit For KBS Broadcast

Hot Issues 12.16.16 | 04:21AM EST

It was announced by KBS that K.A.R.D’s debut song 'Oh Nana' is not fit for thier broadcast. DSP Media immediately responded that they will change it.

New Co-Ed Group K.A.R.D Says 'Oh Nana' With Young Ji

New co-ed group K.A.R.D says 'Oh Nana' with Young Ji

Headlines 12.13.16 | 03:36AM EST

DSP Media has released its new Co-Ed group K.A.R.D and its debut song 'Oh Nana' with Heo Young Ji.

KARD Releases Teaser Video For Oh NaNa MV

K.A.R.D releases 'Oh NaNa' teaser video, plus key point dance

Headlines 12.12.16 | 04:08AM EST

K.A.R.D releases teaser video for "Oh NaNa" MV. They have also released key point dance in their choroegraphy.

Youngji Is The Hidden Member Of K.A.R.D

Ex-'Kara' Young Ji confirmed as hidden member of K.A.R.D

Headlines 12.08.16 | 11:17PM EST

It has been revealed by DSP Media that It is indeed Kara’s former member, Young Ji, who will be the fifth member of K.A.R.D.

KARD Releases Dance Performance Of Each Member

K.A.R.D releases dance performance of each member

Headlines 12.07.16 | 02:23AM EST

K.A.R.D has release dance and teaser performances of each member.

DSP To Debut New CoEd Group K.A.R.D.

DSP to debut new co-ed group K.A.R.D

Headlines 12.06.16 | 03:16AM EST

DSP is set to debut a new K-Pop group. They named the new co-ed group, K.A.R.D. It has April's former member Somin.


Popular female K-Pop groups we've lost this 2016

Headlines 11.30.16 | 01:22PM EST

Following news of 2NE1's disbandment, here are some of the other well-known girl groups that had disbanded this 2016.

April with four members

DSP Media: What Are They Going To Do Now?

Features 11.09.16 | 03:34AM EST

April's Hyun Joo left the group just after Rainbow announced their disbandment after being together for seven years. What will be DSP Media's next move?

Han Seung Yeon

Han Seung Yeon Took Barista Exam Prior To KARA's Disbandment

Headlines 02.04.16 | 08:50PM EST

The former KARA member shared the paper work on Instagram in regards to her barista exam.


Rainbow Kick 'Prism' Promotions Into Gear

Headlines 02.04.16 | 12:23PM EST

The group members are already getting fans pumped for their February 15 comeback.


Rainbow Reveal Comeback Date As They Add Finishing Touches On 4th EP

Headlines 01.28.16 | 12:48AM EST

The countdown is on for Rainbow fans to see the members strut their stuff on the comeback stage.

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