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From sweet boyish charm to daring masculinity, check out the amazing transformation of GOT7's BamBam

By Carlo Rodriguez | November 28, 2016 01:48 PM EST


It's amazing how k-pop idols can change from one look to another in such a short period. One moment they all look so innocent and sweet but then in a blink of an eye, they would transform into masculine men. One example of such a transformation would definitely be BamBam of GOT7. Everyone knows BamBam as the GOT7 member with the boyish charm and because of this, he is actually mistaken as his group's maknae (BamBam is second youngest).

But as of late, fans have begun to notice the subtle changes that had occurred with BamBam's look and the transformation is truly wonderful to look at, Koreaboo reports.

This is the BamBam that the fans have been accustomed to. Notice his boyish smile and charming innocence?

But as of late, it would seem that BamBam had shed out his innocence into a more daring and sophisticated look; one that oozes out masculinity.

Although you can say that transformations like these are necessary especially for idols. An idol can't always look the same way or else people would get tired of their looks. You can also say that back when he first debuted with GOT7, BamBam was only a few months shy of his 17thth birthday which means he was really young at the time and now that he has been with his group for almost three years, there will definitely be changes to his appearance.

In other news, GOT7 is scheduled to travel to the US for a series of fan meets this coming January. The group had just released their latest album "Flight Log: Turbulence" not too long ago and the album's lead single "Hard Carry" has already accumulated millions of views on YouTube. According to iTech Post, this would be the second time that the group would be visiting the US after their "Fly" concert tour back in July.

GOT7 is set to visit five US destinations mainly Florida, Washington D.C., Illinois, Texas and California and not only that, it has been reported that several fans from Washington and Seattle have started online petitions to ask the producers to stop by their locations for a side tour. This just means that GOT7 is finally gaining traction in the US and they are now making the effort to expand it.

What do you think of GOT7's latest achievement?

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