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Latest Developments On THAAD Missile Crisis Between China And South Korea

Latest Developments On THAAD Missile Crisis Between China And South Korea

Hot Issues 04.04.17 | 04:11AM EDT

The THAAD missile crisis between China and South Korea is still a very hot issue. Check out the details to learn about the latest developments.

The Effects Of Chinese Ban On K-Pop Music

The Effects Of Chinese Ban On K-Pop Music

Hot Issues 03.22.17 | 04:03AM EDT

China has just banned everything that is related to South Korea, which includes even its innocent K-pop industry. Now, its effects ripple in China, South Korea and in the whole world as well.

China Threatens Korea Of Retaliation If Missile Installation Persists

China Threatens Korea Of Retaliation If Missile Installation Persists

Hot Issues 03.08.17 | 04:12AM EST

China has just issues a ban on all things Korean. Now, it continues its never ending threats, as it continues to affects its politics and the K-pop industry as well.

The 24th Seoul Music Award

26th Seoul Music Awards Winners Announced; EXO, BTS Tops List

Headlines 01.31.17 | 06:55AM EST

Winners of the 26th Seoul Music Awards has been awarded. Complete list of winners released on this article.

'SHURE' New Products Launch - Photo Call

Replicate Of Irene In Film Industry Looks Like Her Twin Sister

Headlines 01.09.17 | 01:35PM EST

No one can replace the beauty of Red Velvet member Irene. But now a new member has come quite close in resemblance to her.

Train To Busan

'Train To Busan' to get Hollywood adaptation! Check out details here

Headlines 12.09.16 | 10:02PM EST

Next Entertainment World announces that the hit zombie film will have its own Hollywood adaption.

MBC Music 'Show Champion'

NU’EST fans to resist unfair treatment by Pledis Entertainment against group

Hot Issues 12.07.16 | 03:15PM EST

Fans of NU’EST have gathered together to resist the unfair treatment against the group.

2013 Mnet 20's Choice

Fans fall in love with Shinhwa's new track ‘Orange’

Headlines 12.02.16 | 01:54PM EST

Shinhwa's adorable and fluffy concept is back and fans are sure to fall in love in just seconds.

GOT7 BamBam

From sweet boyish charm to daring masculinity, check out the amazing transformation of GOT7's BamBam

Headlines 11.28.16 | 01:48PM EST

It would seem that the Thai import of GOT7 had finally started shedding his boyish image and onto a more mature and daring look.

KCON 2015 USA - Los Angeles

Shinhwa releases teaser video for title track 'Orange' under new album 'Unchanging'

Headlines 11.28.16 | 11:15AM EST

Shinhwa, the legendary and longest-running boy group in South Korea, released teasers for their upcoming 13th full-length album.

Seo In Guk

Seo In Guk recognized in the 11th Annual Asian TV Drama Conference

Headlines 11.24.16 | 07:10PM EST

"Shopping King Louis" actor Seo In Guk flew in to Japan to attend the 11th Annual Asian TV Drama Conference where he was recognized with a special award.

Descendants of the Sun 2

Here's why China bans Korean dramas, films and variety shows

Headlines 11.21.16 | 02:26PM EST

It has been confirmed that China will be banning Korean dramas, films and variety shows. Find out why.

Jun Ji Hyun

Here's why you should watch SBS' new drama 'Legend of the Blue Sea'

Headlines 11.17.16 | 01:38PM EST

After a successful first episode airing, here are some reasons why you should definitely watch and keep track of SBS new drama 'Legend of the Blue Sea'

Descendants of the Sun 1

'Descendants of the Sun' star Song Joong Ki dismisses hilarious gay rumors

Trending News 11.16.16 | 06:24AM EST

After rumors spread that actor Song Joong Ki is gay and only using Song Hye Kyo to cover up his homosexuality, the actor vehemently dismisses the rumors as false.

Nam Joo Hyuk

BIGBANG and 2NE1 are NOT YG Entertainment's top visual artists, here's why

Trending News 11.14.16 | 10:33PM EST

YG Entertainment maybe home to several famous idol groups and musicians but it also hosts some of the most famous names in the entertainment industry and even up-and-coming artists.

Teddy Park

Han Ye Seul and YG Entertainment's Teddy Park Ends 4-Year Relationship

Headlines 10.26.16 | 12:07AM EDT

After four years of dating, it is confirmed that actress Han Ye Seul and YG producer Teddy Park have amicably parted ways.

Conan O'Brien David Letterman

What Will Conan O'Brien Do During His Visit To South Korea Next Week?

Stars on TV / Movies 02.12.16 | 10:10AM EST

The American talk show host is going to Korea after a fan sent him a package full of snacks from the country.

a South Korean soldier turns on speakers blasting K-pop in Korea's DMZ

'Me Gustas Tu' By Gfriend, Big Bang's 'Bang Bang Bang' Among K-Pop Songs Currently Being Blasted At South Korean Border

Hot Issues 01.08.16 | 06:18PM EST

North Korea may have attracted global concern this week after producing a big bang in a blast the country's leadership claimed was a hydrogen bomb, but come Friday, South Korea had unleashed their own Big Bang.

SHINee's Jonghyun Attends 2015 SMTOWN Screen Show in Seoul

SHINee's Jonghyun Expresses Concern About Raising Children In South Korea's Education System

Hot Issues 10.26.15 | 09:49AM EDT

Jonghyun took to Twitter, where he said that he feared raising a child in the current educational atmosphere.

Girls Generation [SNSD] Holds Party Single Full Comeback Showcase [Talk4]

South Korean Government Removes 48 Speakers Blasting Girls' Generation, Big Bang At The Border Following Agreement With Pyongyang

Headlines 08.24.15 | 09:03PM EDT

Though the 48 speakers blasting K-pop, along with anti-North Korea propaganda in the DMZ have been taken down as of Tuesday morning local time, the unique tactic appears to have had a major effect.

Kim Jong-un

North Korea And South Korea On The Brink Of War? Seoul Refuses To Stop Broadcasting Propoganda; Kim Jong Un On War Footing; North and South Korea Exchange Fire

Trending News 08.21.15 | 09:51AM EDT

North Korea and South Korea are reportedly on the brink of war as each side stands their ground in a looming deadline. South Korea reportedly refused an ultimatum to halt anti-Pyongyang propaganda broadcasts by Saturday afternoon. Kim Jong Un says troops are prepared for war. North and South Korea exchanged fire at the border. According to South Korean Vice Defense Minister Baek Seung-joo, it appears likely that North Korea will on the 11 sites that house loudspeakers in the Demilitarised Zone separating the countries.

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