Pentagon drops teasers for ‘Five Senses’ by yearend

The year 2016 may go down in hallyu history as the "Second Kpopcalypse," since it is when several veteran K-pop groups have either disbanded or saw their key members leave. Expect to see a silver lining to it though, since this year proved to be one of the best years for K-Pop debuts.

Pentagon is one of the debuting K-Pop groups with a huge weight on their shoulders, since they are believed to take Beast's place in case they do not re-sign with Cube Entertainment.

Beast has decided to form their own independent label, meaning that Pentagon has been touted to fill the void. There is a presumption that Pentagon, along with Cube Entertainment, are busy establishing themselves since they are about to make their K-Pop comeback in December this year with "Five Senses."

In early October this year, Pentagon introduced "Gorilla," their title song in their eponymous first mini album. That was followed up by an artwork release on November 24, which is for the upcoming "Five Senses."

The fans were taken for a surprise when they uploaded their notice on their official SNS, along with a message "Coming Soon." The group of ten members will return on December 7 with their second mini album.

"Five Senses" is highly significant for Pentagon, which is awaiting their first main concert since their formation back in October. This release comes after two months from the group's start of promotions.The group has made plans for a Japanese debut and a solo Korean concert, Soompi has reported.

Pentagon's first solo concert is set to happen on December 6, 7, and 10. Stay tuned for more upcoming teasers!

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