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EXO's Chanyeol utterly shocked by BTS and BLACKPINK's Melon Music performance

By Carlo Rodriguez | November 30, 2016 03:28 AM EST


The recently-concluded Melon Music Awards was truly a night to remember, especially for EXO's Chanyeol who may have had the shock of his life - twice while watching each of BTS and BLACKPINK's performances.

It was seemingly a relatively normal awards show night for Chanyeol of the famed boy group EXO but little did he know that the night was about to get interesting for him. The night was filled with spectacular performances and beautiful idol guests and the audiences couldn't be more satisfied. But out of all the idol guests present during the MMA 2016, it's definitely not hard to believe that Chanyeol is in fact one of the warmest and most receptive towards the performances. You can clearly see the young singer having a great time singing along with the performers. However, it was with two particular acts that he gave the most interesting reactions to.

BTS and BLACKPINK's performances shared a common element: FIRE. You know the kind that gives warmth and light and could potentially burn a building down? And if there was one word to fully describe both of their performances then it would definitely be the word 'explosive' in the metaphoric and literal sense.

Both BTS and BLACKPINK gave awesomely explosive performances that had the audiences up on their feet. During BTS's performance of their song "Fire", Chanyeol too seemed so into the performance that when an explosion occurred on stage (which was part of the performance), he literally raised his feet in fright, Koreaboo reports.

Poor Chanyeol!

The singer, who was sitting next to fellow member Baekhyun, quickly leaned over as he tried to recover from the shock. Unfortunately, it doesn't end there for Chanyeol as he also got the shock of a lifetime when another exploding sound occurred towards the end of BLACKPINK's performance of their song "Playing with Fire."

Thankfully though, all the shock seemed to have dissipated when EXO won "Artist of the Year". According to Soompi, EXO won a total of five awards during the MMA and they had also made history as the first ever group to win all three MMA Daesang awards. The group had previously received "Album of the Year" and "Song of the Year" in the previous Melon Music Awards.

But still, Chanyeol's hilarious reactions to BTS and BLACKPINK were truly the best of the night. Watch his reactions below!

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