Seventeen releases ‘Boom Boom’ MV

Seventeen has released their latest music video, "Boom Boom."

Pledis Entertainment has uploaded on Seventeen's official YouTube channel the music video of Seventeen's latest title track, "Boom Boom." They have also released their album "Going Seventeen" with it.

The music video of "Boom Boom" is very lively and colorful like the song. The Seventeen members are in a mission to do something important as they plan and discuss with each other what they need to do.

However, member Minggyu spoiled their plan as he stepped on a tile. The alarm went off so the members on the mission all run for their lives as explosives go off. All the Seventeen members look handsome and very neat in the "Boom Boom" music video.

Some parts of the choreography are also shown in the music video. The sharp and fast dance moves of the members are showcased nicely in it.

There are also cute, sexy and easy to follow dance moves in the music video. The members are wearing matching jackets with the same track suits underneath it while dancing to the choreography. There are also outfits that are just casual clothing.

The song is very Seventeen to say the least. It has different beats. The song sounds different each part and that what makes it very Seventeen. It has some funky sounds to it as well as catchy phrases and awesome beats.

The vocals of some Seventeen members also matched the song. DK's falsetto added some flare to it. The rap parts were also incorporated nicely.

Fans are really happy that Seventeen made another comeback before the year ended. Most of them loved the song and the music video so much.

"Boom Boom" is part of Seventeen's latest album "Going Seventeen," which has three versions, "Make A Wish", "Make It Happen", "Make The Seventeen".

Watch the music video below!

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