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SEVENTEEN Dubbed 'Most Innovatve K-pop Group' By Billboard; Will They Follow BTS' Footsteps?

Headlines 05.30.17 | 09:14AM EDT

After BTS' win in the Billboard Music Awards for the Top Social Artist category, it seems that Billboard has developed a growing love for K-pop. SEVENTEEN recently reaped heaping praise from the chart's review of its comeback album "AI1" which Billboard dubbed as the most "innovative" K-pop group.


SEVENTEEN Dominates Sales, Viewing Records On Domestic, International Charts

Headlines 05.26.17 | 03:11AM EDT

SEVENTEEN is making a killing in domestic and international charts with their latest comeback "Al1" as it breaks its own sales records and enters the charts of multiple countries worldwide.

Seventeen's Seungkwan revealed what he can't do on 'Hello Counselor'

Stars on TV / Movies 12.07.16 | 03:41PM EST

Find out what Seungkwan can't do. Hint: you can surely do it.

Seventeen 'boomed' on showcase for latest single 'Boom Boom'

Headlines 12.07.16 | 03:09AM EST

Missed them? Well, fans are in for a treat as Seventeen presents new song "Boom Boom".

[Album Review] Seventeen Releases An Album With A Boom Titled “Going Seventeen”

[Album Review] Seventeen releases album with a boom titled 'Going Seventeen'

Reviews 12.05.16 | 06:16AM EST

An album review of Seventeen's newly-released mini album “Going Seventeen."

Seventeen Releases ‘Boom Boom’ MV

Seventeen releases ‘Boom Boom’ MV

Headlines 12.05.16 | 05:56AM EST

Seventeen has released its music video for "Boom Boom." Along with that, the group also released a new mini album with eight songs titled "Going Seventeen."

Seventeen Continues To Release Teaser Images For A Comeback

Seventeen continues to release teaser images for comeback

Headlines 11.24.16 | 09:01AM EST

Seventeen has yet again released a teaser image for what might be a comeback. Pledis Entertainment has released a series of different themed teaser pictures for Seventeen's comeback.


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