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[Album Review] Seventeen releases album with a boom titled 'Going Seventeen'

By jasmooOnce | December 05, 2016 06:16 AM EST


I am not really a fan of Seventeen so I do not really know them that much. My sister is a big fan though, which is why I think I'll be able to relate somehow. I am not really expecting that much from their new "Going Seventeen" album, but they've proven me wrong.

The mini album's first song is "Beautiful." It is a nice upbeat track that will make you bob your head to the music. The instrumentals are cute as it does not sound that busy with many things going on.

Their title track, "Boom Boom," is very Seventeen. It definitely has that Seventeen signature sound with many sound changes and shifts that are acceptable and totally catchy.

"Highlight" is the third track. It was only sung by the performance team, meaning they aren't the main vocals. It is a really nice song, though I don't really expect anything from it, but I really liked it.

Being new to my ears, "Highlight" did not sound like any other Seventeen title and promoted tracks. It could be a song that is played in clubs or just a song you and your friends can dance to.

"Lean On Me" is a song that the hip hop team composed and sang. I was shocked because in the beginning, the rapper line is sung.

Seventeen has a really nice singing tone as most of the members' voices are really deep. I love laid-back rapping so much - I love the rapping parts, especially the on after the second chorus. Nice track!

"A Quick Pace" reminds me of a Britney Spears song prior to her becoming crazy. I like that it has a bit of like a Latin sound to it.

Of the songs in the new album, "A Quick Pace" is probably my favorite track. I can see choreography with this song - I wish they would perform this.

As for "Don't Eavesdrop," I was expecting this from the vocal team and they did not disappoint. I have heard other songs from Seventeen's b-side tracks and I have always loved their ballad-ish songs.

"Don't Eavesdrop" gives me the Nam Taehyun feels. I love the gloominess of this, then the beat drop was really nice as well. I also love the emotions the members put into the lyrics - this goes as my second favorite track from the album.

"Let's See" is another great track from this album. It's a really nice soulful track, in that it is full of emotions even in the rap parts.

The members totally showed their talents in "Let's See." I did not expect a song like this in the album but it was a great surprise.

The last song, "Flowery Smile" is another great song. The softness of the song, the simplicity of the song is so enticing.

The guitar chords of "Flowery Smile" are also really good. I love how it picks up in the bridge and just goes on being more beautiful as it goes to the end.

Overall, this is a really well done album. Every track is worth performing, no fillers. I like that more and more groups are now doing self composition and Seventeen is probably one of the groups that are really good with it.

I am giving this album an 4.6 out of 5. This album is a really good one that involves different genres. 

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