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New co-ed group K.A.R.D says 'Oh Nana' with Young Ji

By jasmooOnce | December 13, 2016 03:36 AM EST


DSP Media has finally released its newest group and the only co-ed kpop group promoting right now, K.A.R.D.

K.A.R.D has released its debut song "Oh Nana" with their first hidden member Heo Young Ji, former Kara member.

The music video of "Oh Nana" is really dark, literally and aesthetically. It shows the members in a car, in a club and in a telephone booth. It also shows some snippets of the groovy choreography of the song "Oh Nana".

The choreography is definitely perfect for four members. It is sexy and hip as the four members interact with each other a lot during the choreography.

The song is about the girls wanting to find the right guy and loving him endlessly. The guys are confessing their love and saying they are the right one and they are perfect for the girl.

The two K.A.R.D female members, Ji Woo and Somin, showed their vocals, while the two guys showed their rapping skills. Youngji also sang during her part.

Only in the bridge, their first hidden card or member, Young Ji, showed up. She is also not part of any of the choreography the K.A.R.D members showed in the whole music video.

It was reported that K.A.R.D still have two hidden members and will reveal them with two new song release and promotions. DSP Media did not clear as to whether they will be permanent members or not. However, fans are hoping that Youngji will be one of the permanent members.

The fans of K.A.R.D are definitely hoping the group would succeed. They are also hoping that DSP would really give K.A.R.D the promotion it needs.

K.A.R.D. is the newest kpop group to debut and they are the latest co-ed group to debt. There aren't really co-ed groups in kpop and in the music industry that much so kpop fans are really hoping K.A.R.D would start the new trend.

Watch their MV below!

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