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Hallyu ban in China does not affect T-ara

By jasmooOnce | December 13, 2016 03:46 AM EST


The recent ban of the Korean wave or "Hallyu wave" in China is affecting many entertainment industry people, may it be artists, singers and idol groups.

Many concerts, variety shows, and Korean dramas have been affected by the certain ban. However, there is one girl group that is standing still and is making money in China.

Asian Junkie has stated that girl group T-ara is not affected by the wide "Hallyu ban" that is happening right now.

T-ara is not by the least, affected by the ban that the Chinese government did to the Korean entertainment industry. It was reported that they are under a Chinese label and thus they are not necessarily a Korean managed group.

They are under Banana Culture and Longzhen. Longzhen has acquired contracts with the backing of law in China's entertainment industry. Since T-ara has actively promoted in China for more than a year now,

T-ara can and may go to variety shows and perform as long as they will sing their songs in Chinese. T-ara is also allowed to perform their Korean songs as long as it is not on a public broadcast like in their solo concerts or just an event.

It has been rally long since T-ara started promoting in China and the Chinese media has accepted them as an honorary Chinese group. They are the only K-Pop group who is eligible to be called as one.

Also, T-ara has just to learn speaking Mandarin fluently, so they will not have that much difficulty in promoting and communicating with the people in China.

They have already solidified their status in China even though they are Korean artists. Also, since most of the Korean public does not want T-ara in their country anymore, it is probably for the best that they are not affected by the ban.

T-ara fans are really happy that T-ara is allowed to promote still in China. They feel like it is somewhat a karma to what happened to them back in 2012.

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