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Kangta Says Tony An More Popular: H.O.T scores down memory lane

By analine Murphy | December 20, 2016 11:24 AM EST

One of the teenage heartthrobs in the mid 90's is from the pioneers of the H.O.T K-pop boyband -Kangta. The boyband was in contract with SM Entertainment.

According to allkpop his guesting in JTBC's "Please Take Care of My Refrigerator", the singer revealed that despite the notion that he was the most famous of the five members, it was Tony An who was turning fans with whistles shrilling in high heavens. 

The revelation got the audience into fun with a squirt of humor on the side. While the discussion went freewheeling, more serious stuff came out regarding their set up with the company.

Kangta had jokingly expressed that he would have ran after female celebrities because of that tag of popularity but his company ( SM) was just too strict on the group.

He didn't have time to answer or contact the girl celebrities. And that the company was very controlling. Jokingly again, he went on, that those were such wasted times. Now, no female celebrity would even consider him.He ended with a repeat, "such a wasted time."

Very quaint disclosure from one who has strung a series of successes since his H.O.T band days.Per onehallyu,in 2014, Kangta was appointed Creative Director for the company he started with, SM Entertainment aside from becoming a well-known radio celebrity.

In another talk show, MBCs "Kneedrop Guru" he bolstered this train of thought that the group disbanded over trivial matters. Later he put across his regrets that despite popularity, the group had to part ways.

Sad, he remained, that it was over trivial matters and that being young, their hearts were so closed. They didn't open themselves to talking or fighting back at each other.

And how about the boy he said was the most popular? Tony An is still very much sporty in the music field having formed JTL after H.O.T called it quits.

He sports the short hair he used to wear during his HOT days. Evidently, he had since switched his genre from fast to more mellow and soft songs in his musicology. From his former furious, and quickly faced musical innuendo, the change is quite a significant overhaul.

The H.O.T idol boyband became the first to auction off an album worth a million despite economic badgering China in the mid 90's. They are credited as the first group that had real influence on what some call " juvenile music" that catered to the teenage population.

The electrifying and fast faced beat appealed to teenagers.They were likewise all teen- agers when they were started. Their band crossed the borders spreading popularity in Asia specifically China and the Asian communities in South America.

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