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Movie Revoew: EXO's DO reprises a DVD bang teller in 'Room #7'

By analine Murphy | December 13, 2016 05:07 AM EST


Are you ready for another movie from EXO's D.O.? There is no more wait; the singer-actor has signed a contract for a lead role in the film Room #7.

The action spins around a part-time DVD rental bang (room) worker, Taejeong (DO). He gets custody of the loans that the store renders. Likewise, he is in charge of checking people in to view the DVDs of their choice.

The role he takes as he struggles to pull his way through school. Rental sales  in a day see lean or better days from time to time.

Right now, it is not adequate for the owner to depend on. He fixes to have the store sold and find leverage.

Much as this is difficult for DO; it is equally imperative that he lives on his income while the sale is not final. He understands, soon he must get a brand-new job to live by.

The fact that many secrets lurk in those bangs is not unlikely. It is so considering that no one checks on the customers who are in the DVD chambers.

The cubicles stay uninspected till the clients have gone. At the day's end, sometimes, they are never tended to at all.

EXO's D.O is in a circumstance where knowing what happened during one of those DVD watch sessions is a must. He discovers a corpse!

As a solo store worker, the reveal will bring to light some transgressions that point to neglect on his part. Many mysteries in those video rooms

Individuals who choose to rent DVDs can rent them with no questions asked. The discovery will signal a twist of actions that will take most of the plot and what the movie is all about.

The plot, however, is not only discovering the secrets that transpire in a very particular room, Room #7. The corpse discovery makes the plot very intriguing.

How long has it been there? Whose corpse is it? Who could have killed the body are the first questions that will crop up?

The situation that the DVD rental store artisan is a student who must live by his wages from the storehouse pinpoints the focus that will put the lead character in deep conflict.

Tie this up with the status of the owner - it mandates setting the store up to the highest bidder; DO whiles away his time in deep thoughts. The bangs are suffering losses to the point of bankruptcy.

The mystery thriller is set to hit the big screen sometime January. It follows D.O's "Hyung" that is soon to hit the theaters.

He is currently busy shooting 'With God." Multi-awarded "10 Minutes" director, Lee Yong Seong directs the film.

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