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Dreamcatcher Releases Track List For Debut

By jasmooOnce | January 04, 2017 02:08 AM EST


Dreamcatcher has released their official track list for their debut single album "Nightmare".

Allkpop has stated that Happy Face Entertainment's promising new girl group, Dream Catcher, has unveiled their debut single track list for single album "Nightmare".

The debut single includes four songs - "Welcome To Dream", an intro song, "Chase Me", their title track, "Emotion", and an instrumental version of the title track, "Catch Me."

Dreamcatcher are definitely a stand out as their teasers are completely different from all the current girl groups today. They are emitting this dark vibe and creepy voodoo and witch stuff. Many international fans like whatever they are going for so far.

Kpopstarz has reported that Happyface Entertainment has also released Dreamcatcher's first music video teaser for "Chase Me". Yesterday, Dreamcatcher has also shared another creepy and eerie music video teaser with all the members.

The members are in all black a room and it looks like they are summoning something using candles and a teddy bear. There is also a scene where one of the members is tearing the teddy bear. Plucking its one eye out and pulling the other arm.

There are many other creepy things in the teaser like dolls and dream catchers. Meanwhile, the beat in the teaser is really good and fans are hoping it will be the beat for their debut song.

Dreamcatcher is Happyface Entertainment's third try for a girl group. They are the home of Dalshabet and Minx. Their first one was Dalshabet then Minx, which is now Dreamcatcher, their third try.

All Minx members are in Dreamcatcher as Happyface just rebooted them. They are going for a completely different concept and is hoping it would get the attention of many people and fans.

So far, many international fans are interested in what Dreamcatcher is offering. Happyface has revealed some dance practices of the girls and also some vocal practices. The girls are definitely talented and charming.

Watch their teasers below!

Dreamcatcher is going to debut this January 13.

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