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EXID’s Hani Is Proud Of Hyerin After Hitting Solji’s Note

By jasmooOnce | January 03, 2017 05:02 AM EST


Hani fans are once again feasting on a Hani fancam after seeing her looking proud and happy of her co-member's success.

In a recent EXID performance of "Ah Yeah", it was their lead vocalist Hyerin who sang some lines of Solji since Solji is recovering from her state. In the said performance, there was a fancam of Hani looking happy and very proud of Hyerin as Hyerin hit a high not that was originally sung by Solji.

According to Allkpop, it was during the December 31 airing of MBC's "2016 Music Festival" that Hani was captured looking satisfied with Hyerin's talent. Hani was seen squatting as part of choreography during a dance break.

 While Hyerin was getting ready to show off her vocal prowess, Hani closed her eyes and was ready for the next part. She looked very excited as Hyerin started singing Solji's part. He even glanced at the crowd before closing her eyes and raised her fist when Hyerin was in the middle of hitting the said note.

Kpopmap has reported that after the said note was perfectly hit by Hyerin, Hani immediately smiles at the success and cheerfully continued the performance. She performed while smiling all throughout the song. Usually Hani performs their song with a sultry look. However, after her delight at Hyerin successfully hitting Solji's high notes, she gladly performs with a smile plastered to her face.

Fans hearts melted at thesight. They find Hani's reaction really precious as she was super happy at her co-member's success. A commented said "omggg that was sooo sweet I'm gonna cry". Another commenter said, "Hani is so likable!!!!"

Meanwhile some commenter remembered Hani's first viral fancam and commented, "QUEEN of Fancam is back!!! Hani is a warm girl <3" Hani's popularity was from her sexy "Up and Down" fancam that went viral.

Watch the viral fancam that is making fans and non-fans love Hani again, even more this time!

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