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[Album Review] AOA ‘Angel’s Knock’

By jasmooOnce | January 06, 2017 12:50 AM EST


I am not expecting anything (maybe one song that sounds like it was AOA Black who sang it).

"Excuse Me" is a really nice song. The beat gives of an old school sound. The chorus is very catchy and Choa's voice fits the song so much. Too bad the Korean public is not appreciating AOA songs anymore.

"Bing Bing" is the type of song that if you listen more than twice, it will definitely grow on you. It is your typical AOA song that has the same beat, melody and everything. However, it is still addictive.

"Three Out" is shockingly a cutesy song. It is not entirely all cute but it is like a cute song with musical-ish beginning then the chorus sounds so different then after that it sounds totally different again. In short, this song is kind of all over the place. Choa's amazing voice saved this song.

"Feeling" has that distinct AOA sound. It is totally AOA with the beat, melody and of course, Choa's voice. I feel like if they promoted this one, it would sell more.

"Can't Sleep" sounds different. It has the same Brave Sound beat but it is somehow different. The arrangement is kinda new and the pre-chorus is not something you'll hear in an AOA song. The chorus though, it is very much AOA.

"Lily" is your chill, slow, café song in this album. I love this song! It says it features a member of SF9 but I did not hear him.

"Melting Love" is probably the most different sounding song in this album after "Lily". It is another slow song but with a nice beat. It has an RnB influence but not so much. The members' voices in this song are really nice. AOA should do more songs like this.

"Help Me" is surprisingly good. It is different from AOA's usual releases but if they want to change their sound, this would be a great song to do it. They can definitely promote this one after the two title tracks. It will definitely mark in someone's mind more than "Excuse Me" and "Bing Bing"

With "Oh Boy", I can totally imagine a dark AOA. They should totally try this concept. It reminds me of a dark SNSD. This would totally thrill fans especially the international ones. I love the pre-chorus part. I also think they can even turn this one into a band song in some of tier performances.

"With Elvis" is a really nice fan song. It gives me the 90s ballad vibes. It is very simple. I love the drums and guitar sounds during the chorus. I can see the AOA band performing this. I will definitely listen to this more than once!

I feel like AOA has that distinct sound that if you hear a song you know it's an AOA song. However, they are too similar that people tend to get tired of it easily. Maybe it is time to go back to the band concept.

I am giving this album 4.1 out of 5 because the second half of the album is really nice.

Listen to the album yourself and comment your favorite song!

Watch "Excuse Me" and "Bing Bing" MV

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