Jun.K Is Sad About ‘Your Wedding’ MV With Twice’s Nayeon And 2PM's Nichkhun

2PM's main vocalist Junsu or Jun.K has released another solo song "Your Wedding" and its painful music video. The music video of "Your Wedding" features Twice's center, Nayeon and 2PM's Thai prince, Nichkhun.

Allkpop has reported that "Your Wedding" is a pre-release for Jun.K's new album titled "77-1X3-00". It will be revealed to the public on January 12, Korean time.

The heartbreaking music video of "Your Wedding" stars Nayeon as the bride and Nichkhun as his friend or ex lover. The music video starts with Nayeon walking towards Nichkhun and then Nichkhun smiles but it falters after Nayeon just pass by him.

Nayeon went straight to the altar where another guy is waiting for him. The song is about how the guy is seeing the love of his life getting married to someone else. With lyrics like "No, you're walking towards someone else, someone else. The scene was supposed to be us, what we dreamed of," it is definitely a sad ballad perfect for winter.

Jun.K is the one who wrote and compose the song. It has made fans curious if the song is about his experience and who is the girl he is talking about in the song.

There are comments about the sad music video and lyrics. A fan commented, "It must be real hurt to experience this kind of story". Also there were others who made it light and joke about it with a comment, "so that's us when 2PM eventually starts getting married," and "Nayeon must has no friend. She only managed to invite her ex boyfriend to her wedding. The groom is even worse."

According to Soompi, Jun.K will be holding his first solo concert series in Korea on January 14 and 15.

Watch the devastating music video of "Your Wedding" with Twice Nayeon and 2PM Nichkhun below.

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