Suzy Is A New Face of Didier Dubot, Dropping The Jaw of Fans With Her Sexy Pictures

Jan 10, 2017 12:03 PM EST

Actress Suzy of Miss A arrives for the 49th Paeksang Arts Awards on May 9, 2013 in Seoul, South Korea.
Actress Suzy of Miss A arrives for the 49th Paeksang Arts Awards on May 9, 2013 in Seoul, South Korea. (Photo : Chung Sung-Jun/Staff)

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Suzy wows her fans again and again. She always comes up with a new project. With her sexy figure, smart acting and nice vocal, she can go to one field to another field easily. You can see her singing, acting, taking commercial and do photo shoot.

Recently, she just gave teaser for her solo debut. Now, she amazed the fans with her shoot for Dubot, according to report from alllkpop. She becomes the new face of Didier Dubot. The former model was also stunning with Jun Ji Hyun.

Suzy got the shoot with the theme "Breathe". She has to show the beauty of the jewelry and make the picture so elegant and beautiful. She has to make the jewelry shine in the picture.

In the picture taken, she looks really sexy. According to repost from koreaboo, she brings her sexiness into another level. At one picture, she wears sleeveless dress. She poses sitting on the sofa, with one hand leaning and touching forehead. You can see the jewelry around her neck and on her ear. She looks like dreaming, making the fans screaming.

In another picture, still wearing the same dress, she looks into the camera while sitting on a sofa. Her left hand is holding her right arm and you can see her hair looking a mess but also sexy at the same time. In this picture, her dress is a bit down, revealing the line between her breasts.

Fans are more surprised with her picture when she looks asleep. Still on the sofa, the picture was taken above her head and mostly showing her head and her hands. Here you can see clearer her face up close and also the jewelries. She wore 3 rings, 2 on the left and one on the right hand.

In all of her picture, she looks like dreaming. Appealing more of her sexiness, fans will have a heartbeat for sure. With her upcoming solo debut, you will see more of Suzy in the future. So, has your jaw dropped seeing her pictures for Dubot?

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