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Red Velvet's Wendy Spoke Of Her Reason To Diet On tvN's 'Raid The Convenience Store'

By Siti Fatimah | January 28, 2017 01:26 AM EST


It is not a secret anymore that idols have to do diet in order to get the ideal body. Some are doing healthy diet, but most of them are doing extreme diet due to demand from the company and fans. Recently, Wendy of Red Velvet shared why she does the diet most of the time.

Many of the members of Red Velvet said they never had a full meal with Wendy. Moreover, Wendy was the one who offered food for them. According to report from Koreaboo, Wendy said on tvN's "Raid The Convenience Store", she used to be fat and she didn't want to gain weight anymore, so she did the diet. She also said that she was happy seeing other members eat.

Wendy is one of Red Velvet members who used to be fat in the past compared to other members. Through her diet, she is able to get her ideal shape now. According to report from KPopVine, when asked in "Choi Hwa Jung's Power Time" on Sep. 13, 2016, she said that because of the love from fans, she was able to control her food".

She is an example of success diet through effort. She is strict to her control of food and eat less to be able to maintain her weight. When she appeared on "Raid The Convenience Store", the host gave some great recipes to make instant food from convenience store. But as she had to maintain her diet, she couldn't eat the unhealthy snacks.

There was funny moment when the manager was really strict to control her diet. But as the hosts kept on asking on the show, Wendy was able to eat the food. She said the food was really delicious and she ate a lot. Maybe because she couldn't eat that kind of food all this time.

Many netizens like the body Wendy has now as she has slimmer legs and stomach. Although it needs strict control for food, she gets worthy result from it.

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