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[Album Review] April ‘Prelude’

By jasmooOnce | January 31, 2017 08:34 AM EST


April, the only girl group that DSP Media, is handling right now, seems to be taking a different route - different but very well thought route. I was not really interested in them and never listen to their previous songs but this comeback made me change that.

"April Story," their title track is the first song in the album. This song is definitely different from their old releases as it has a more mature and innocent feel to it. It also has a mysterious and dreamy feel to it, and is one of my favorite January releases.

The next song, "As You Are Now," is also a great song. This could have been another title track and they would still get the attention they have now. It has a Gfriend feel to it but more innocent. The synth and superb instrumentals really give a different energy to the song

"Stop, Time" is more in the innocent and dreamy side than the energetic and hyped up one. It has the same feel to "April Story" but it also has a different thing in it. The members' voices are really good in this song.

 "WOW" is their usual cutesy and innocent song. It is more like their usual songs that fits their youthful image. While the next song, "Fine Thank You," is the only mellow song in the "Prelude" album. It is your usual Kpop ballad by girl groups.

The next song is a special version of their song "Dream Candy." This special version is a better version of the song. Listened to the original one and it is too cute for my taste. This one at least has additional grandness to it. The new instrumentals added made the song more Disney-esque.

"Muah!" is just like the original version. It is very cute and energetic. The beat is kind of addictive and member Jinsol, their maknae, showed her great vocals during the high not. Last but not the least is "Snowman." "Snowman" is a nice song. I really like the chorus of the song.

I wasn't expecting much with April's album. They can do better but for now this album is passable. I am giving this 3.5 out of 5.

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