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Different Reactions From Idols Regarding Hate Comments

By Siti Fatimah | January 31, 2017 07:20 AM EST


Idols cannot be separated from hate. When they receive much love from fans, there are also people who hate them. They send hate comments on their social media and even some of the haters will watch live streaming to send hate comments for the idols. Having hated by anti-fans, some idols react different way.

According to allkpop, some idols have different reaction to the hate that is coming to them. Some different reactions shown by idols are:

1.       Fight Back

This happens to Taeyeon SNSD, Baekhyun EXO, Bigbang TOP, Bambam GOT7, and many more. For Taeyeon, she gives comment back on the hater saying her to work quietly and that no one is interested in her. For Bambam, recently he said on his twitter to answer the hater for asking him not to call Mark's father 'daddy'. He just said Daddy to let people know he thinks Mark's father as his father too. But some perverted haters think different way and Bambam needs to clarify that, according to asianjunkie.

2.       Get Upset

It happens a lot to rookie group like Up10tion's Wooshin and Got7's Youngjae. When appeared on Masked Singer, Youngjae said during interview that he got upset and cried alone after reading hater's comments.

3.       Doesn't Care

This happens to Sunny SNSD. She doesn't really care of what other people think and keep doing her activity without getting upset or sad. Maybe other idols need to learn some from Sunny.

4.       Take Legal Action

This happens to some idols who are famous like IU, BTS, CNBLUE, and others. If the hate comments are going too far, then it is necessary that they take legal action.

Talking about haters, they actually put so much effort by watching the idol's performance and give harsh comments. Maybe they have nothing to do, or maybe they love the idols in different way. We hope there is no more hate as the idols are also human who have heart and sometimes can be sensitive. It is better to appreciate other's work and give critic in positive way.

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