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5 Ways To Separate A Rookie K-Drama Viewer From A Veteran Fan

By Angie Chui | March 03, 2017 03:55 AM EST


Korean dramas or K-dramas have a natural way of getting the viewer hooked, regardless of nationality. That's why Korean stars are so popular around world. Sometimes, it's the theme that gets viewers addicted, and sometimes, it's the beautiful chemistry among the talented cast. The cinematography and the soundtracks are also to die for. Bottom line: like a Pringles can, once you pop, you can't stop.

A few days ago, Kpopstarz came out with an article on the signs and symptoms that viewers are already addicted to K-dramas. Today, with the help of drama expert Soompi, listed below is a basic checklist to separate the rookies from the veterans. Check it out to see which category you belong.

Getting to the subs.  Rookies wait for English subbed episodes from one or two reliable sites patiently. Veterans who have been scouring the internet for ages know the fastest sites to get their episode fix, and are willing to risk going to a relatively unknown site just to be the first to see what happens to their beloved lead character. Because of the amazing cliffhangers from the episode before, who can blame them?

Station IDs. Rookies are impatient when it comes to the station ID that comes before each episode, thinking they are unnecessary. Veterans take their time to enjoy it and even recite the spiel to tVN's Content Trend Leader. When you're in it, enjoy the ride.

Picking up phrases. Its impossible not to pick up some phrases from watching Korean dramas like oppa, saranghae, choa hae but veterans who cannot wait for subs can go on a full episode understanding almost everything with just the familiar words and actions - all without formally learning how to speak Korean. And when they do watch the English subbed episodes, they are 80 to 90 percent correct.

Character deaths. Rookies will cry buckets over the death of the lead character because K-dramas are experts in terms of executing heartbreaking break ups or death scenes but vets are not as easily affected. Their threshold for pain is so much higher and they usually don't believe in character deaths or break ups until they see the body or until the end credits roll. Rookies should take a page from their book.

Going the extra mile. Rookies would be content to mourn the end of a beloved K-drama but veterans will rewatch and analyze every subtle detail that they might have missed during their first viewing. They will discuss easter eggs on forums and threads and will hold on to the possibility of a second season. Many even go so far as to petition the networks about it. That's commitment for you.

So, have you decided what category you belong? Either way, watch the dramas with no pressure to enjoy the full experience of entering the world of Korean dramas.

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