Actress Seo Shin Ae Left Her Child Actress Image And Posed Maturely For 'ADDY K'

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Seo Shin Ae who was previously known as a child actor for starting her career in commercial was recently spotted to pose for "ADDY K." Leaving her child image, she looked mature and fresh for the shoot.

Seo Shin Ae started her career really nice. After having the shoot for commercial, she has acted in some dramas. She also played in some movies, such as "Mr. Housewife," "Meet Mr. Daddy," "Yona Yona Penguin," "My Love, My Bride," " and "Wonderful Nightmare."

Growing up, she attended college last year. Although she has grown up, people still think of her as a child actress. Last year, she appeared on "Happy Together" with the theme of child actresses. She was still asked about some of her roles in the past as a child actress.

Everything didn't always run well for her. She was once got hate from EXO's fans. According to Koreaboo, when she appeared on "Happy Together," which was aired on July 7 last year, she was asked about her favorite idols. She then answered that she liked EXO but she was a fan of Akdong Musician. Leaving her answer like that, many EXO-L, EXO fandom, attacked her online. They edited her Wikipedia page and said harsh things.

EXO-L also attacked her on her instagram account. Thus, she deleted her instagram account but left final message to haters to not get over a line. Even though it was a hard time, yet she dealt it pretty well. Come back for shooting for "ADDY K," she still showed professionalism. She looked mature and pretty in the shoot.

In the video that was posted on March 2, she still had chubby cheeks but her slim figure was shown already. Wearing mini dress, shorts and blouse, she wore different high heels for each outfit and she looked gorgeous. According to AllKpop, she said that she would take a wide range of role. Also, she would like to take a role of a school girl to fit her age.

Her mature image in the shoot is adorable and her fans cannot wait to see her new project. Hope that the bad thing in the past will not happen in her again.

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