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DIA's Jung Chaeyeon Revealed To Be Hit By Another Celebrity After Her Debut

By Siti Fatimah | March 08, 2017 11:48 AM EST


DIA's Jung Chaeyeon is the visual of the group. Her beautiful face has been recognized since she was in IOI. Thus, she has many male fans among others. Recently, she was being honest about her love life to be hit by other celebrities.

As reported by AllKpop, Chaeyeon said that she was approached by another celebrity during the filming of tvN's "Life Bar." She said that after debut, there was a male celebrity told to her friend that he wanted to get closer to her. But she said that it was better to know each other first instead just wanted to date her after seeing her on television.

Her answer seems to mature enough as she considered having nice and smooth relationship instead of instant one. Meanwhile, for her activity with DIA, the group will have their comeback in April, reported by OfficiallyKmusic. It was said that they would have mini album with 7-8 songs in it. Also the title track would be "Wanna Date Me?" The album would be a mix of different genres from ballad, accoustic, semi-trot and many more.

Reported by OneHallyu, DIA would have collaboration with trot singer, Hong Jin Young, and also Chungha. For Hong Jin Young and DIA, they would make collaboration with semi-trot. For Chungha, she would feature in Heehyun's self made song.

For a rookie group, they have made a big breakthrough having a semi-trot in their mini album. Also, with the self made song, they have grown much. This group from MBK Entertainment is considered new, but they have made some appearances in music and variety shows. They also have loyal fans to always support them. They still have a long way to go and fans hope that this comeback will bring something new to the group to be recognized more in music industry in South Korea.

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