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Check Out These Korean Stars That Shared Their Personal Life & Passion In Books

By Inayah Mulia Dewi | March 09, 2017 12:26 AM EST


Korean wave has produced a lot of talented figures that are not only entertaining but are also inspiring. Some of the Korean stars even developed their talent to not only acting, singing and dancing. Many of them have shown their interest in literature and have even published a book to share their piece of mind. Allkpop has wrapped a list of Korean stars that have put their creativity into a book:

1. Goo Hye Sun

A lot of people may have already known that the "Boys Over Flowers" actress has shown her interest in arts. Goo Hye Sun is not only talented in acting and drawing. It turns out that this lovely actress is also a great writer that she even published a semi-autobiographical novel "Tango". In her book, Goo Hye Sun included some of her drawings to depict the story inspired by her very own personal life.

2. Jang Geun Suk

Who would have thought that this gorgeous actor has a deep passion for gastronomy? Jang's passion in the art of food is poured down to a book titled "Love Recipe" along with a DVD copy published in Japan.

3. Tablo

People may love him for his good looking face, but his fondness in writing could be another reason to love him even more. The artist is, in fact, has published several works to share deep, emotional messages in a thought-provoking manner. One of his books titled "Blonote", a book that will get its reader to sink deep into a sea of endearing thoughts.

4. Lee Hyori

This sexy idol also took part in the writing trend by publishing numerous books. One of Lee Hyori's books that earned best-selling title is "Closer: The Story Started by Hyori and Soonshim".

5. Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon

The member of a legendary K-pop girl group, Hyoyeon, published a book that tackles everything about beauty, fashion, and lifestyle titled "Hyo Style".

6. Lee Hongki

FT Island's Lee Hongki shared his passion for nail art in a book titled "Lee Honggi Nail Book". This book unveils everything we might not have known about nail art as well as sharing tips and tricks how to do nails real good.

7. Park Han Byul

The award-winning actress also makes a good use of her creativity in a book about fashion, hobbies, and the hidden shades of her life. "Park Han Byul's Tip Story" features an in-depth story of Park Han Byul's passion in traveling, fashion, and photography.

So, have you checked out these Korean stars' books? Which one of them that you like the best? Tell us your thoughts below!

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