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BTS News: Fox 4 Apologizes For Blunder Calling BTS Leader 'Rat Monster' Amid Tirade From Offended ARMY

By Angie Chui | March 30, 2017 04:33 AM EDT


A Fox affiliate network, Fox 4 recently made a huge blunder in misspelling the name of BTS leader Rap Monster. Instead of Rap Monster, the network labelled the clip of the interview Rat Monster.

It came as no surprise that legions of the BTS Army were incensed over the fact that such a large network would make a mistake in butchering the name of their beloved rapper, SBS Pop Asia reported. It was also ironic because Rap Monster had the easiest name for Americans to remember because it was in plain English.

According to the report, BTS, who are currently in the US for their successful "Wings Tour" was interviewed by the "The Morning Blend" and the interview was later shared through streaming platform youtube. However, the editing team may have misheard the BTS leader's name and labeled the clip "Rat Monster talks Kpop with The Morning Blend."

Avid supporters of BTS, who have catapulted their music videos to record breaking numbers in a matter of hours, were quick to notice the error and bombarded the comments section with tirades. Many were offended over the butchering of Rap Monster's name to sound more like a cartoon villain than the leader of a Kpop group while others even recounted the time that Charlie Puth misspelled Jungkook's name as Jungcook in his shoutout for the latter's cover of his "We Don't Talk Anymore."

According to All Kpop, Fox 4 also addressed the issue quickly after reading the comments on the site. "Sincere apologies to "Rap Monster" for previously misspelling name," it said in its statement.

BTS has also concluded an interview with iHeartRadio to talk about their music and Kpop's growing popularity in the world. Rap Monster credited the popularity of Kpop tp accessibility on social media, and the fans who patiently translate their interviews and their songs in different languages so they are able to connect to their audience on a world scale, reported Kpopstarz.

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