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HyunA's Next Project In May Is Reportedly Another Version of Trouble Maker

By Siti Fatimah | March 30, 2017 12:34 PM EDT


HyunA is known for her unique voice and her sexy vibe. Being successful in her solo career among other members in 4 Minute, she has released many singles and made appearances in many shows. She is now gearing for her next project to release a new single.

HyunA is about to make a project group with Cube Entertainment artists in May. It will be mixed gender but she will not work with Hyunseong again and will have someone else to work with, AllKpop reported.

Previously, HyunA has already made mixed gender group with Hyunseong before. Having the name Trouble Maker, the duo had released some singles. Hyuna rapped really well in it really well. She showed many of her sexy images in this duo.

Hyuna is really talented as an artist. She was part of Wonder Girls at such a young age. Due to health reasons, she didn't continue with the group and a year later, she joined Cube Entertainment. She joined other members to form 4 Minute. She stood out the most among other members and she had her breakthrough with her appearance on PSY's "Gangnam Style."

Bringing back her sexy vibe, she made Trouble Maker with Hyungseon. Continuing again with her solo activity, she did really well on her album "A'wesome." She even had her solo variety show "HyunA's X19 Gaze" in 2016, SBS reported. Her album was well received and with the title track "How's This?" she took her first win on "M!Countdown" against Oh My Girl's "A-ing," which aired Aug. 11, 21016, reported Soompi.

HyunA has gone far since her debut. Having an amazing career in singing and other fields, this new project is anticipated by fans. Fans are wondering whether HyunA will do another sexy concept or try a different one. Having many questions and expectations, fans will be able to see the new group soon in May.

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