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Get To Know Hwang Hana, Yoochun’s Alleged Fiancée: The JYJ Idol Reportedly Considers Retirement After Getting Married

By Inami | April 14, 2017 08:18 PM EDT


After people are getting surprised by Yoochun's announcement to get married this fall, another shocking news following his wedding plan has made everyone loses their mind. Currently, there are reports saying that Yoochun's alleged fiancée, who's known as Hwang Hana, denied the rumor about her getting married with the idol.

According to a report from Korea Boo, the woman named Hwang Hana, who was assumed as Yoochun's soon-to-be-wife, posted her weariness about the whole wedding plan situation on her Instagram account. Hwang Hana writes on her caption sarcastically that media has been spreading false news about her identity as the owner of a shopping mall as well as the daughter of a food company.

Meanwhile, Yoochun's agency, C-JeS Entertainment has released an official statement that its talent will get married this fall with a non-celebrity girl named Hwang Hana. The agency asks everyone including press and fans to be respectful towards Hwang Hana as she hasn't used to have reporters and fans bombarded her with camera lights and endless questions regarding her relationship with Yoochun.

Fans have also responded to these conflicting reports from C-JeS and the alleged fiancée whose name is also Hwang Hana. Some of them believe that the Hwang Hana who denies a relationship with Yoochun could be mistaken as the real Hwang Hana who has an actual romantic relationship with JYJ member.

A report from Soompi reveals that Yoochun and Hwang Hana have been dating for a year. It was reported that Hwang Hana is actually Yoochun's fan. Yoochun reportedly proposed to Hwang Hana on March 14, or White Day. They have been carefully hiding their relationship from the public and only a few of close acquaintances know about their relationship.

A source close to Yoochun and the agency stated that currently, Yoochun has no ambition in the entertainment industry, especially after he was involved in sexual assault allegations. The JYJ member even plans to halt his activities in the entertainment to live as an ordinary guy with his beautiful family.

For now, there hasn't been any follow-up statement from Yoochun and C-JeS Entertainment to address the issue with the alleged fiancée, Hwang Hana, or to confirm Yoochun's retirement from the showbiz.  

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