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‘Mr. House Husband’: U-KISS Eli’s Wife Shows Off Modeling Skill At Seoul Motor Show

By Inami | April 13, 2017 08:30 PM EDT


U-KISS Eli and his wife, Ji Yeon Soo shares another heartfelt moment on the latest episode of "Mr. House Husband" aired on April 12. Ji Yeon Soo was not all tears like she was on last week's episode. This time she decided to return to her calling as a model.

"Mr. House Husband" has successfully displayed Eli and Ji Yeon Soo's teamwork as a spouse. The couple involved in a hectic moment as Ji Yeon Soo prepared to go back to work for the first time again after almost two years of break. As Allkpop noted, Ji Yeon Soo's decision to return to modeling is a big break considering she has involved in countless hardships the moment she decided to marry an idol. Eli is also proud of his wife for being able to retain her confidence after being bombarded with controversies surrounding their marriage life.

During the broadcast of "Mr. House Husband", Ji Yeon Soo showed her excitement to be able to pose as a model after a pretty long time. However, she admitted that she's a little bit nervous since it must feel like she's doing it again for the first time. At the first phase of her marriage with Eli, Ji Yeon Soo believed that she had no chance to go back to the modeling world. But when the Seoul Motor Show contacted her for a job offer, her confidence started to emerge.

Upon finding her wife looked so nervous; Eli offered to accompany her to the show, as well as taking the role of a manager for the day. Eli couldn't hide his smiling face as he watched his wife showed off her modeling skills. Ji Yeon Soo has determined to go back to work in order to support her little family she builds with Eli. The couple revealed that they have a plan to buy a house that will be suitable for their son's growth in the future. Now that the couple is back on their respective gigs, it will be possible for them to live in their dream house within a year. 

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