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Girl’s Day Shared Cringeworthy Drunk Stories On tvN’s ‘Life Bar’

By Inami | April 17, 2017 11:31 AM EDT


People always do something stupid when they're drunk, and so do Girl's Day members. Minah, Hyeri, Yura and Sojin shared every tiny bit of their embarrassing drunk stories in tvN's variety show "Life Bar".

The broadcast was opened with Hyeri spilling how wasted Minah was when the girls went out for a drink back in summer. Hyeri stated that Minah is typically not a person that can handle drinks quite well so she started to have a delusion the moment the alcohol kicked in. According to Korea Boo, Minah kept saying that she didn't want to get on the boat while in fact there was no boat at the place. Next thing she remembered, she was laying on a bed.

Minah is not the only weaklings in the group. Sojin also revealed that she can't handle booze well. There was a time when she felt like dying when she had a sip of alcohol. However, she aimed to cure her hangover in a way that no one believes it could work: drinking more alcohol. Surprisingly, Sojin could recover from her hangover with that unbelievable method.

While Minah and Sojin always do silly things when they're drunk, Hyeri is the one that always breaks down in tears every time she's drunk. She admitted that she could be a total melancholy when she drinks one too many alcohols. The "Reply 1988" actress even called her manager while crying in the middle of the night. To this day, Hyeri still cringes when she remembers about that particular story.

To wrap up "Life Bar", Yura revealed that she might be the worst drunkard of all. She admitted that she can be pretty violent when she drinks a lot of booze. When that happens, she would try her best not to harm anyone near her. That usually ends up with her throwing up in the car.

Aside from their drunk stories, Girl's Day Hyeri and Yura will be the next guest stars at MBC's "My Little Television". The program will be broadcasted by MBC on April 22. 

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