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How Sistar's Dasom Comparison With Girl's Day's Hyeri Turned Out

By Staff Writer | April 18, 2017 08:51 AM EDT


Sistar's Dasom and Girl's Day's Hyeri are two of the hottest K-pop personalities of today. And because of this, the fans just can't help but compare them with each other. Now, Dasom has finally spoken out about how she feels about it.

The ideas, thoughts and emotions of Sistar's Dasom was finally let loose during a recent interview in a press conference that was held for "Unnie is Alive", a new SBS drama series. Surprisingly, Dasom strongly says in a statement that she finds it improper to be compared to Hyeri.

This is because the two has a different approach when it comes to their respective careers. She specifically states that Hyeri proved her worth to be in the K-pop industry, after the release of "Reply 1988".

Dasom then continues by saying that she appreciates and is happy with how their fans look at them and perceive them in a positive way. In the press conference, Dasom also can't help but voice out what she feels regarding the issue of stereotyping K-pop idols.

According to All K-pop, she then adds that she will do the best of what she can in her upcoming drama series. This is in hopes of crushing or removing the stereotypes that are held against most K-pop idols, actors and actresses.

Sistar's Dasom also wants to show that she is more than just a pretty face, who can handle both acting and singing. Thankfully, her being part of Sistar and her upcoming role in the SBS drama series, "Unnie is Alive", will help her to clean the reputation that the stereotypes have had over K-pop idols, actors and actresses.

The upcoming SBS drama series, "Unnie is Alive", has aired its pilot episode last April 15, and was positively received by the viewers.

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