WINNER Fulfils Promise, Cross-Dressed As Figure Skater Minjeong With Pink Wigs!

WINNER stays true to their word. WINNER did cross-dress as Minjeong as they have promised during a live broadcast before their comeback.

As reported by Koreaboo, WINNER once promised in their live broadcast before their comeback with "FATE NUMBER FOR" that they would be dressing as the South Korean figure skater Minjeong if they win No. 1 on a music show. AND THEY DID!

WINNER took the No. 1 spot with their performance of "REALLY REALLY" on SBS' "Inkigayo". As promised, the members cross-dressed and wore pink hair wigs at their fan signing event at Bundang Plaza.

However, this was not the first time WINNER members cross-dressed. The members have been cross-dressing since they have been doing drama parodies.

WINNER once appeared on the travel reality show "New Journey to The West Season 3". During the show, Mino dressed as the character "Bulma" from the Japanese anime television series "Dragon Ball Z" and sported the same pink hair wig.

In other news, WINNER recently did a photo shoot with High Cut magazine. This is the group's first ever photo shoot as a four-member group.

As reported by All Kpop, WINNER's Seungyoon cited how he styles clothes together with Minho and that they unwind by walking outside under the sun. "But we do take caution by putting on masks and wearing hoodies so people won't notice us.  At night, we dress in all black," said Seungyoon.

WINNER's Minho also revealed that his first song project was in the 6th grade and it was all recorded in a cassette tape. On the other hand, member Lee Seunghoon discussed why his nickname was "YG's Director Lee".

"I enjoy creating new idea," said WINNER's Seunghoon. He also added how spends a lot of time in the company's office.

Meanwhile, check out WINNER's photos in High Cut magazine's April issue. Volume 196 of High Cut magazine is now out until May 3.   

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