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Kang Daniel Deleted His Instagram Account After Receiving Hate Comments

By Siti Fatimah | May 16, 2017 12:08 PM EDT


Kang Daniel was previously caught cheating on "Produce 101" season two for using his Instagram. Recently, he deleted his Instagram account without giving an explanation.

Kang Daniel previously posted a message on his Instagram to give hints for his fans about the song that he chose. But netizens caught up his action and demanded Mnet to give him a penalty. "Produce 101" finally gave their decision and gave a penalty to Daniel. He was forbidden to use the song that stirred up controversy again, AllKpop reported.

After getting caught cheating, Kang Daniel apologized and promised to not repeat the same mistake. He also said that he would work harder and show improvements, Soompi reported. Even though he was forbidden to use the song he chose before, many people voted for him because he showed great performance on stage. As a result, he received the second place in the fifth episode, Soompi reported.

Even though Kang Daniel has tried his best to show improvement and apologized for his mistake, many netizens still attacked him with hate comments. Finally, Kang Daniel deleted his Instagram account because he couldn't take it anymore, AllKpop reported.

In the next episode of "Produce 101," Kang Daniel will show his dancing skill. In the previous episode, Kang Daniel chose "Get Ugly" as the song for the dance position. He will be on the same team with Park Jihoon, Kim Samuel, Ong Sungwoo, Park Woojin, and AhnHyungseob, One Hallyu reported.

The combination of "Get Ugly" team is really nice. It happens that some trainees in the top ranks are in this team. Netizens have given many comments on social media about the "Get Ugly" team. They cannot wait to see the great performance from these top trainees.

In this battle position, the winner in each team will get an advantage by receiving more points on their score. It will be very useful to climb up the rank for the winner. With the huge advantage, each member of the team will do their best performing on stage.

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