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Kim Woo Bin Has 70% Chance Of Surviving Cancer, Specialist Says

By Angie Chui | June 07, 2017 03:12 PM EDT


"Uncontrollably Fond" actor Kim Woo Bin who was recently diagnosed with a rare throat cancer called nasopharyngeal cancer has a good chance to recover from his illness. This was stated by the cancer specialist handling his case.

According to a report by Koreaboo, Dr. Jung Yoo Seok, a specialist from the National Cancer Center who is in charge of Kim Woo Bin's case, the actor stands a good chance of recovering if the illness is detected in its early stages. Dr. Jung, in a guesting for KBS2's "Entertainment Weekly" discussed the actor's diagnosis and treatment plan.

Dr. Jung said in the interview that fans will be happy to know that Kim Woo Bin has a 70 percent chance of surviving cancer if the cancer is detected in the first and second stage. For cases detected in the third and fourth stages, the patient's recovery depends on the condition of the patient's health. He added that for the actor's treatment, he said that they will be using a mix of radiation and non-surgical treatment procedures.

It was earlier announced by Sidus HQ, Kim Woo Bin's management that the actor was diagnosed with the early stages of nasopharyngeal cancer, a form of cancer that stems from the nose region and affects the patient's throat. In its statement, the label confirmed that Kim Woo Bin learned of the diagnosis when he went to the hospital to get a checkup because he was feeling unwell.

According to Sidus HQ, Kim Woo Bin immediately received treatment and will have to reschedule most of his commitments to focus on his recovery. They also appealed to fans to continue to rally Woo Bin to get better soon, Kpopstarz reported.

Kim Woo Bin was supposed to start filming for the film "Wiretap" under the direction of filmmaker Choi Dong Hoon, who directed hit movies like "The Thieves" and "Assassination." The production company has announced that it will delay the filming to make way for Kim Woo Bin's cancer treatment and wished the actor a speedy recovery.  

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